Skilled Chinese Worker Recruitment

Our mission at Intostart is to assist your organization by matching you with the right workers, based on your specific needs. Our specialty is the sourcing and recruitment of skilled Chinese workers with properly documented work histories for placement with foreign employers that have demands for skilled labour.

Our recruitment agents source the best talent from across multiple industries, allowing foreign companies’ access to a pool of talented workers that can satisfy job positions they find hard to fill from within their domestic workforce.

We are highly experienced in the procedures involved in recruiting, processing, and integrating foreign workers. Our end-to-end support includes pre-screening of resumes, credentials and background checks, visa processing, assisting in making travel arrangements, and worker settlement.

We are always here for our clients, employers, and workers, with an attitude that combines genuine caring with professionalism.


How We Differ

We promise to always uphold the fair and ethical recruitment of our workers. Recruitment takes place in a way that protects human rights, mitigates social costs, and upholds core labour standards. Our entire recruitment process and employment contracts will always be clear, transparent and understandable to every worker we recruit.

We do not solicit for résumés but rather résumés come to us. We have recruitment representatives operating across multiple industries who are consistently approached by skilled workers that express a firm determination to put the talents they have worked hard to develop to good use in foreign markets.

Our job is to provide the bridge between the overseas employer and Chinese workers in order to drive satisfaction and success for all.


Our Areas of Concentration

How We Serve You

Recruiting workers to work overseas can be a comparatively complex undertaking. Our team has proven mastery of all the processes involved. Should you choose us for your overseas recruitment we will assist employers in obtaining working permits and help workers receive their work visas in the shortest periods possible. Since our screening processes are so thorough, visa refusals are very rare.

We provide industry-specific English language training to our workers in preparation for their move abroad, and have multilingual staff available via phone and email 24 hours a day to both employers and workers.


Why Choose Chinese Workers?

In the past several decades, the rise of the Chinese economy has given birth to a massive talent pool of hard-working and skilled Chinese labourers. Even with their advanced skillsets, many of which are in decline in western countries, they are still highly satisfied with comparatively lower remuneration packages than their foreign counterparts. Once engaged with a fair overseas employer, they can be depended on to be committed and loyal, making them the ideal staffing solution for any employer who wants to build and maintain a dedicated workforce.

For more information on the recruiting workers for your business please send 
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